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Upon the death of a person, generally his assets cannot be dealt with until the Grant of Letters of Administration or the Grant of Probate is issued by the Court. The Court issues the Grant after the Petition has been filed (all procedure followed) and estate duty clearance has been obtained. If the estate is large, the time required would be longer as the value of the various assets have to be acertained to determine whether estate duty is payable or otherwise. In the case of a Grant of Probate, the time frame would be shorter as there would not be a need for a renunciation application or dispensation with sureties. Generally, the application takes about 4 months to 12 months.

For assets above S$3 million, the application is filed in the Supreme Court. For assets below S$3 million, the application is filed in the Subordinate Courts. Online filing at the Court Registry will be available soon. At present the filing of the application is done manually at the respective Registry.

If you require any assistance to apply for Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration, please submit the form below for a quotation. The fees and disbursements depend on the extent of the assets, nature of the assets and the location of the assets etc. For assets located overseas, you would have to apply for the re-sealing of the Grant in some instances or a fresh application in other instance, depending on which country the assets are located. Foreign lawyers are required to be engaged for such overseas application. The charges for the re-sealing of a Grant and application overseas vary, depending again on various factors.

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